Sunday, February 22, 2015


Are you joking? It was all a lie this entire time? I've been living 10 years with the impression that 125 was my "optimal" weight for health, and the optimal weight for happiness and fitness. According to BMI, it is. According to these trending articles?:

Well, according to these articles, my gut feeling was right. My weight correlates with the optimal weight for longevity. No wonder my midwife and her assistant looked at me like I was crazy last year when I was filling out medical information and asked if I qualified as "overweight" since I was practically straddling the line between "healthy" and "unhealthy" BMI. Both of them definitively told me that I was NOT overweight. A few weeks later they looked at my food journal and couldn't find a single flaw in their perspective.

But I still questioned that accuracy. It wasn't until recently that I threw up my hands and admitted I couldn't do things more perfectly to lose weight, that it was this or hunger at this point. AND I'M NOT GOING HUNGRY. Not to mention that I'm kind of a monster when I'm on a diet.

Just some thoughts! It's really a big reminder that every body is different and that we can't let one ideal dictate how we feel about ourselves. I wasn't considering this an "update" sort of post, so I'll go back to talking about my background next time.

How has you perspective of self been altered over time?

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